Being in a car accident can be both physically and emotionally traumatic. The effects of an automobile accident can be long lasting and it is important to take the right steps afterward to protect your best interests. One of the most important steps you should take is to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer who focuses on protecting the interests of those who are involved in motor vehicle accidents. A car accident lawyer can:

  • Help you determine if you have a valid claim and advise you on how to proceed with filing an insurance claim or lawsuit;
  • Review your insurance policy and explain any coverage you may have that could help in your case;
  • Negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to make sure your best interests are pursued;
  • Negotiate with your medical bills and health insurance company;
  • Represent you in court and, if need be, try your case in front of a jury.

You may ask if you should get a lawyer for a minor car accident. You may also wonder if you should get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t your fault. Having a lawyer by your side after a car accident can assist you in pursuing fair compensation for any damages or injuries. If you’ve been involved in an accident, it’s important to contact a qualified car accident lawyer as soon as possible to help you determine what actions you should take. Talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer at Team Green Law to learn more.

What does a car accident lawyer do?

Car accident lawyers are responsible for representing victims of a car accident. They are professionals who know how to navigate the legal system and help increase the likelihood that their clients receive fair compensation for any physical, emotional, or financial damages related to a car accident.

A car accident lawyer will advise you on the legal complexities of a car accident claim and will take care of filing any paperwork with the court or relevant government agencies, negotiating settlements with insurance companies and other parties involved in the case, and representing you at trial. They will also inform you of the legal process every step of the way.

How much does a car accident lawyer cost?

The fee for a car accident lawyer is typically 33%–40% of the total award or settlement and not paid upfront. In other words, unless an agreement is made otherwise, your lawyer will only be paid if you are successful in recovering money from your case. This is why it is important to hire a lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable about personal injury law so that you have the best chance of winning your case. Contact Team Green Law for a free case review.

When is it too late to get a lawyer for a car accident?

In Indiana, the statute of limitations for pursuing a personal injury claim is two years, so after that, it may be too late to get a lawyer for a car accident. Speak with a personal injury lawyer at Team Green Law to get more information. Prior to two years following an accident—even if it happened several months ago—you may still be able to pursue legal action and seek compensation for damages caused by the accident. If you’ve suffered physical injuries or financial losses due to someone else’s negligence, it is important to contact an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible to increase the likelihood that you’ll receive the compensation you deserve. An experienced lawyer can help examine the evidence, build a case on your behalf, and negotiate any potential settlements or awards from insurance companies or other individuals involved in the accident. Waiting too long to contact a lawyer may make it more difficult to prove liability or collect any damages you might be owed.

What percentage do most injury lawyers take?

Most injury lawyers typically earn 33% – 40% of the amount recovered from your case. It is important that you discuss your payment agreement with your lawyer to be certain that you fully understand, and agree to, the percentage you will be charged before you sign an agreement. Want to learn more? Contact Team Green Law today.

Do I need a lawyer for a car accident settlement?

It is highly recommended that you work with a car accident lawyer following a crash. They will work to increase the likelihood that any settlement offer you receive is fair and in your best interest. Moreover, an experienced car accident lawyer will understand the law and be able to navigate the legal system for you, so that you don’t have to go through a complicated process alone. Give us a call at Team Green Law for a free case review.

How do you settle a car accident claim without a lawyer?

The first step in settling a car accident claim without a lawyer is to make sure you have a clear understanding of the damage that has been done, the cost of repairs, and any other expenses associated with the accident. This includes gathering:

  • Documentation such as police reports, photos of the scene, and photos of cars involved
  • Repair estimates from garages or mechanics
  • Medical bills for any injuries sustained, insurance policies for all drivers involved in the accident
  • Health insurance payments such as Medicaid, Medicare, TriCare, Veterans Affairs, and other federal plans
  • Other relevant details

It is important to know your rights and determine what type of compensation is reasonable. Under certain circumstances, you may be able to get compensation for pain and suffering due to the accident, as well as property damage or economic losses related to the incident. You may also be entitled to compensation for wages if the accident caused you to miss work.

Once you have a good understanding of all the relevant details, approach the party in writing and attempt to reach an agreement. Be sure not to waive any rights or accept any liability until all claims are assessed. Be clear and concise, and provide evidence in the form of documents and photos to support your claim.

When settling a car accident claim without a lawyer, it is important to remember that the other party may be represented by an attorney, and, in many cases, they may be represented by a large insurance company that will employ a lawyer. This means they may have the advantage of having someone on their side who is skilled in protecting their best interests. If you are unsure whether you need legal assistance after a car accident, it is best to consult with a car accident lawyer who can recommend the best course of action for your particular situation. For a free case review, contact us today.

How to Increase Settlement Value

The first step to increasing settlement value in your personal injury claim following a car accident is to receive the necessary treatment from a medical doctor and follow your doctor’s orders. It will also depend on the details of your accident, including who was at fault, the extent of any damage or injuries, and who has paid the medical bills Speak with a personal injury lawyer at Team Green Law to learn more.

If you have been involved in a car accident, you are likely facing the possibility of having to take part in settlement negotiations with a representative of an insurance company. Settlement negotiations can be difficult and time consuming. One of the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer is that they are highly skilled in negotiation tactics and helping you get the money you deserve for your claim. They also assist in relieving you of the time and stress of dealing with insurance companies.

Why should you never admit fault at an accident?

Admitting fault at an accident scene can be a disastrous mistake. You should not even admit fault in a minor car accident. If you make an admission of guilt at the scene of the accident, this could be used against you in court and have serious legal consequences. Admitting fault at an accident scene could also leave you liable for any damages caused by the accident. This means that if there is more than one person involved in the accident, they may try to hold you accountable even if your actions were not solely responsible for causing the damage. In addition, admitting fault at an accident scene could mean that you are unable to make a claim for compensation from the other party. This can be incredibly costly if you have suffered any serious injuries or property damage as a result of the accident.

What do you do if a minor car accident is not your fault?

If you are involved in a minor car accident that is not your fault, there are several steps you can take. First, call the police and document the scene of the accident. Make sure to exchange contact information with any other drivers who were involved. Get as much information as possible including license plate numbers, insurance information, and witness accounts. Next, contact your insurance company to report the accident and follow their instructions. You should also take pictures of the damage done to your vehicle to have a record. Finally, it is important to contact a car accident lawyer if you feel that additional legal action is necessary. For assistance with your case, contact Team Green Law today.

If you are injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, seek medical attention immediately. Even if your injuries seem minor, it’s important to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. This will help you receive proper treatment for any injuries and provide documentation for the severity of them in case you decide to file a claim later. If you believe that the other party was at fault, you should consider filing an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation for any costs associated with the accident, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. It is important to speak with an experienced car accident lawyer who can help guide you through this process.

Team Green is a different kind of law firm. We’re not going to make you promises we can’t deliver on. This is our promise to you: ​​we will guide you through the legal process, working with you through straight talk and personal attention, and we’ll work for you with smart, aggressive representation to get the settlement or judgment you deserve. Other lawyers show their case results on their websites, but not only does that imply results they can’t guarantee — it’s against the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct (Rule 7.1 [2] (2)).  But you should know that the results of one successful case does not tell us what will happen with you. We will work with you to set realistic expectations of the timeline and money that could be recovered for your unique case.