Indiana Bus Accident Lawyers

If you’re seeking Indiana bus accident lawyers, you or someone you love has likely been injured in a bus accident. Collisions involving work or commercial buses, school buses or tour buses, as well as church riders and public transit patrons can result in life-changing injuries or even death, which could prompt family members to seek a wrongful death lawsuit.

Whatever your situation, it is imperative that you reach out to a lawyer you trust as soon as possible. The experience and insight a competent attorney provides can make a huge difference in your ability to recover compensation for your losses.

Recovering Financially From A Bus Accident

Bus accidents are often more complicated than car accidents because of the size and speed of the bus, as well as the number of passengers and possible pedestrians or other vehicles involved in any incident. Also, the passengers on Indiana buses often do not use seat belts. When a collision happens, being tossed around the vehicle can result in injuries from minor whiplash to brain and spinal cord injuries, skull fractures, back fractures or strains, and sometimes even death. Each person involved can end up with thousands of dollars in medical bills, plus missed time at work that further complicates the financial landscape.

Whether you’re eligible for financial compensation depends on a lot of factors specific to your case. It’s in your best interest to consult with an injury lawyer as soon as possible to give you the best chance of a fair and full recovery.

What Team Green Can Do For You

When you contact Team Green, the first thing we’ll do is listen to you. Our compassionate lawyers will hear your side of the story and seek to fully understand what’s happened. Once we establish that you have a case, we will get to work with steps that might include the following:

  1. Review the accident scene
  2. Work with expert witnesses who can help articulate your medical condition and how they resulted from the accident
  3. Retain a private investigator to review the public driving and court records of the driver
  4. Identify eyewitnesses and consult with them as soon as possible, asking detailed questions that help to paint a picture of what exactly happened

Any serious accident can be overwhelming and confusing. Choose Team Green to help you navigate the days and weeks following an accident and help you exercise your right to recover compensation for your injuries.

Team Green is a different kind of law firm. We’re not going to make you promises we can’t deliver on. This is our promise to you: ​​we will guide you through the legal process, working with you through straight talk and personal attention, and we’ll work for you with smart, aggressive representation to get the settlement or judgment you deserve. Other lawyers show their case results on their websites, but not only does that imply results they can’t guarantee — it’s against the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct (Rule 7.1 [2] (2)).  But you should know that the results of one successful case does not tell us what will happen with you. We will work with you to set realistic expectations of the timeline and money that could be recovered for your unique case.

Frequently Asked Questions For Our Indiana Bus Accident Lawyers

It makes sense that a thorough investigation of the accident — its cause and any parties who should be held responsible for it — is an important part of a claim. When two or more vehicles are involved in a single collision, it is not unusual for various parties to attribute a portion or all of the fault to other drivers involved. When you work with Team Green, your bus accident lawyer will engage in the investigation by working with the law enforcement team working the case, obtaining data downloaded from the black box, and engaging a private investigator if needed to get a third-party evaluation of what may have caused the accident.

You might imagine that Indiana bus accidents are caused by weather, but it’s more likely that driver error is to blame. Examples include driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, reckless driving or speeding, drowsy or distracted driving. If driver negligence was all or part of the cause of your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation.

Because of the number of people involved, bus accidents can be very complicated from a legal perspective. It’s possible that not only the bus driver, but the company he or she works for, other drivers and sometimes government agencies could be held liable. That’s why it’s helpful to engage an attorney who can help sort through the accident causes and help determine who might be held responsible.

Depending on the cause of the accident that took the life of your loved one, there are many possibilities of people and organizations that could be to blame. An experienced bus accident lawyer will look into several possibilities:

  • Driver error, as well as the company that hired the driver
  • Government entities — for instance, if a roadway should have been repaired and was not
  • The bus manufacturer — if there was a defective part or system error

There are more possibilities than this. Your Team Green lawyer will help to determine your best course of action so that you can receive fair and full compensation.