Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycle accidents can be complex and difficult to navigate since cyclists are not afforded the same protections as passengers in cars. If you were injured in a bicycle accident, you may not know where to start when it comes to an injury claim. That’s where our experienced bicycle accident attorneys come in — Team Green will work to determine your claim eligibility to help you get back on track. If another party’s reckless behavior or negligence caused your accident, our bicycle accident attorneys may be able to help you seek compensation.

Connect with a Bike Accident Lawyer in Indiana

A serious bicycle accident can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. Choose a bike accident lawyer from Team Green in Indiana to help you navigate the days and weeks following an accident and help you exercise your right to recover compensation for your injuries.

Team Green is a different kind of law firm. We’re not going to make you promises we can’t deliver on. This is our promise to you: ​​we will guide you through the legal process, working with you through straight talk and personal attention, and we’ll work for you with smart, aggressive representation to get the settlement or judgment you deserve. Other lawyers show their case results on their websites, but not only does that imply results they can’t guarantee — it’s against the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct (Rule 7.1 [2] (2)).  But you should know that the results of one successful case does not tell us what will happen with you. We will work with you to set realistic expectations of the timeline and money that could be recovered for your unique case.

Frequently Asked Questions for Our Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Hit-and-run bicycle accidents can be complex and difficult to navigate alone. Our experienced bicycle accident attorneys can help with cases in many parts of Indiana, and we’ll be there to determine your best course of action. We are committed to doing everything we can to help you receive fair and full compensation.

Yes, our bicycle accident attorneys recommend filing a police report so an investigation officer can thoroughly document the specifics of your accident.

The bicycle accident attorneys here at Team Green are committed to assisting you through every step of your case so that you can maximize your ability to receive fair and full compensation. This typically includes recovery of medical bills, lost wages, property damages and non-economic damages, as well as potential property damage recovery for your bike.

We recommend that you contact a bicycle accident attorney to speak on your behalf and to help you negotiate your bike accident settlement.